Psychological Evaluations
Psychological Evaluations

Adults can benefit from evaluations in a variety of ways.  Evaluations can identify the cause of lifelong struggles, clarify mental health issues for treatment purposes, or just provide a deeper understanding of the person.

Adults often struggle with undiagnosed developmental issues, such as ADHD or a learning disability or an autistic spectrum disorder.  Not knowing why life is so hard can lead to low self esteem and frustration or sadness.  Getting a clear understanding and a documented diagnosis helps.  A good understanding can heighten self esteem and create an atmosphere where the adult can thrive.

Mental health evaluations can provide information about differential diagnosis, such as figuring out whether the adult has bipolar disorder or ADHD.  Psychiatrists or therapists refer when the person does not seem to be getting better and there may be questions about personality disorders or other mental health issues.

Most evaluations involve two meetings to gather information and a third to provide feedback and a written report.  If you are coming from out of town, I am able to provide most evaluations on a single day to minimize travel expenses.

Please see the Specialties section for more detailed information about the focus of the evaluations.

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