Psychological Evaluations


I offer therapy for adults who truly want to heal and grow.  Working as a therapist is a great joy, as I witness people transform their lives.  I help adults move away from old patterns to find a new way of being.  I am interested in complexities, so my therapeutic work is multifaceted. I consider the whole person, mind, body and spirit; thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and environment.  I keep my therapy practice small and focused, so that each person gets the best service possible.

I am deeply committed to working with people regardless of race, culture, belief system, or sexual/gender identity or orientation.  I particularly enjoy people who are quirky or feel like outsiders.  My goal is to create an atmosphere of acceptance that fosters growth.  My therapy tends to be an active collaboration.

I work well with people who are highly sensitive or gifted or intuitive.  At the moment, I do not have openings for new therapy clients.

425 S. Cherry St. Suite 600, Denver, CO 80246       303.829.9724