Behavioral Intervention and Therapy

Parent Consultation
Parenting is a hard job, even in the best of circumstances.  When a child is off track, it can be impossible for parents to know how to help.  I love meeting with parents to develop and implement plans to help children learn more effective ways of being in the world.  This is typically short term focused intervention.  I have only very limited openings in my therapy practice at this time.

Post-Diagnostic Consultation
If your child has received a diagnosis (whether it is Autism or Giftedness or anything else), it can be hard to know what to do with this information.  I consult with parents to help them make sense of the diagnosis and to create a specific plan.  I am happy to read prior evaluations and help parents understand the information.  This usually consists of one or two meetings.

Child and Teen Therapy
Therapy can help children and teens who have internal struggles, such as anxiety, depression or trauma, or are coping with other issues, such as ADHD or learning disabilities or Autism Spectrum.  At the moment, I am not be available for ongoing therapy for children.

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