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Child Therapy

There is magic in working with small children and helping them get back on track! For much of my career, I focused on play therapy and interventions with young children and their families.   After we adopted our daughter, I took a break from working with little kids and focused on evaluations.  This was invaluable training for understanding people on a deeper level to help them at a pivotal time in their lives.  I love and continue with this work.  However, working with such a wide variety of people, taught me how to find each person's inner strength and truth.  People vary in thinking, physical attributes, developmental or medical challenges, perceptions, culture and every other variable.  Despite this, everyone needs to grow with self acceptance and the ability to manage life and relationships.  I help people learn how to be happy and successful as who they are, even if they live in a world of expectations and judgment.   

My return to play therapy and other ways of helping kids and families is like coming home after a long adventure; changed in outlook and knowledge.    I value magic and imagination, and small children are able to make tremendous gains when working within a magical world where they and their parents have the power to face whatever dragons are causing them trouble!  Through play therapy or hypnosis, guided imagery or telling stories, we work together to discover the child's language of growth.  Though I see the world through complexities of development and relationships (psychodynamically), my work with kids is practical.  I use a strengths-based approach, with the goal of increasing ease, joy and giggles in the family.  At the same time, frustrations and worries ease.

Therapy done this way can be fun for children and their parents.  I do not believe that therapy has to be dark or heavy.  We can learn through joy as much as through pain.  Though therapy can look like fun and games, it results in a deep understanding between child and parents and in helping the child grow up with self respect and the empowerment to learn and to make positive challenges in his or her life.

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