Emotions and Behavior

I evaluate for a range of emotional and behavioral issues, including people who are particularly complex.

Being tense and on edge, afraid, perfectionistic, or anxious can be exhausting.  Understanding the cause and treatment for fears can change lives.  When people are traumatized by abuse, or the result of a car accident or medical malpractice, a full evaluation can help both with the court process and with healing.  People with compulsions or obsessions can also benefit from understanding what is at the core of these symptoms.

Whether it is the blues or serious depression or bipolar disorder, mood influences every aspect of life.  Knowing what is typical and when there is a problem that needs intervention can alleviate pain and anxiety.

There are times when people lose touch with reality.  They may be terrified by hearing voices or seeing imaged.  Their thinking may become disorganized or they may have strange beliefs that interfere with their ability to function.  These are frightening symptoms, particularly in a child or young adult.  Having a thorough evaluation and treatment recommendations can smooth the path to healing.

Behavioral Issues
Children can show a variety of behavioral issues, such as tantrums, defiance, bad habits, and sibling rivalry when they are off track.  Evaluations can find the cause of the behavior so that families can move towards more healthy ways of interacting.

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