Learning, Attention, and Sensory Processing

Some people learn more easily than their peers or think abstractly or on a different level.  This sometimes leads to school success, but these gifts do not always show up in typical academic environments.  The person may feel strange and out of place.  A determination of giftedness can help understand what is going on and shift expectations to be more appropriate.

Learning Disabilities
Many bright people struggle in school.  Some have specific learning disabilities that can be tested for and formally diagnosed.  They then may benefit from particular interventions designed for that sort of learning issue.  College students and adults sometimes need documentation of a specific learning disability in order to get appropriate accommodations and for self understanding.  Knowledge and understanding translate into higher achievement and happier lives.  Learning disabilities can range from reading issues to trouble with math or visual-spatial skills.  Dyslexia and nonverbal learning disabilities are some of the possible diagnoses.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Many children and adults struggle with sitting still, paying attention and planning and organizing in daily life (Executive Functioning).  Others are accused of having attention issues, when they are struggling with a specific learning disability, sensory processing issues, or other emotional/behavioral concerns.  Many are called lazy and become discouraged.  An evaluation can shed light on what is really going on.

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
Some children have trouble with their sensory systems and may react too strongly to physical sensations.  Others may seek out sensations.  Both difficulties can lead to trouble paying attention in school.  When a child has trouble processing sensory information, they may become a picky eater, have trouble sleeping or become defiant.  While an occupational therapist must be involved for sensory processing disorder to be diagnosed, I screen for these difficulties and keep them in mind during my evaluations.  I also work with adults with a range of sensory issues, and this can bring relief to those who have been uncomfortable their entire lives.

Learning Style and Private School Admissions
Understanding learning style can help you choose the best school or job situation.  Evaluations of learning can be a quick look at IQ or a more in depth search for answers. 

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