We all deserve love and acceptance and to live rich, fulfilling lives! 

People who are wired somewhat differently than typical, whether due to being highly gifted, creative, or having traits of Autism Spectrum or Attention Deficit or other issues often grow up feeling like outcasts or outsiders.  Being a highly sensitive person creates other challenges.  My work focuses on understanding and treating people, so that they can understand and accept themselves, quirks and all.  I see myself as a teacher/healer, and this is a deep calling.  Whether it is through a formal psychological evaluation or through therapeutic consultation, the goal is always self understanding and self love, along with learning to manage the outside world with less pain.  

Please explore this site for information about who I am and how I work.  If you have questions, give me a call or send an email.  

You are on a quest for understanding and healing, and I wish you all the best in your endeavors.  

Safe travels,

Dr. Tiffany Wind

425 S. Cherry St. Suite 600, Denver, CO 80246       303.829.9724      drtiffanywind@gmail.com