Hypnotherapy, Coaching, and Psychotherapy

Are you ready to change your life for the better? Are you tired of old patterns getting in the way of connecting with others, feeling healthy or reaching your life goals? Do you want easier access to your inner wisdom and guidance?  Are you ready to feel good about yourself and willing to commit to a better life?

As a therapist, I consider the whole person, mind, body and spirit; thoughts, emotions, behaviors; past, present and future.  I am committed to working with people regardless of race, culture, belief system, disability, or sexual/gender identity or orientation.  I work with children as well as adults, but I particularly enjoy people who are quirky or feel like outsiders, regardless of age. I work well with people who are highly sensitive or intuitive.  I also love working with writers and artists and other imaginative/creative beings, and people who feel that their creativity has been blocked.   My goal is to create an atmosphere of acceptance and collaboration that fosters growth.  


Hypnotherapy is a way to access inner strengths and resources to create new neural networks and, thus, new behaviors.  Whether it is changing habits or dealing with chronic physical or emotional issues or things from the past, improving performance, or opening up creatively - hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool.  Hypnosis can connect people with their inner wisdom or guides in ways that are deeply healing.  Hypnotherapy can be a practical resource for practical issues.  There is ample research documenting the effectiveness of hypnotherapy with a variety of issues.  My experience with the mind-body connection for chronic medical issues (asthma, migraines or other headaches, digestive issues, IBS) informs my use of hypnosis.  It is also powerful to help people overcome anxiety and fears.  For creative and sensitive people, hypnotherapy can be a bridge to a magical world.  It can be powerful healing, while also being incredibly fun and joyful work.  

My years of experience and training with child development helps me find the language and images to reach people at different developmental levels.  Hypnosis is a great choice for issues that have been resistant to treatment or that interfere with a happy, fulfilling life.

Square Peg Consulting

Many people struggle to fit in.  They may be wired differently.  Highly sensitive people, highly gifted people, and people who feel like emotional sponges in an overwhelming world often benefit from practical help learning how to manage their special needs.  This is also true for anyone who has difficulty managing their sensory systems or with issues relating to executive functioning, Autism Spectrum or ADHD.  Similarly, being perceived as an outsider, due to things like gender identity, appearance, giftedness, disability, race or any other issue creates specific challenges that can be helped through learning practical skills, self protection and self advocacy.  My style is to work with compassion, education, humor and strengths to build a positive sense of self and behaviors that work in the world. 

Because this is a coaching/consulting service and not therapy, I am able to provide this service to people who reside outside of Colorado.  


Traditional talk therapy, combines insight with a practical approach.  This style is often used in addition to the other sorts of interventions. Growth comes through developing a trusting relationship with oneself and therapist and gaining clarity on current behaviors and the active role of past issues.  

I work on a fee-for-service basis and am not affiliated with any insurance agency, including Medicaid.  Please see the Contact page for information about fees and payment options.  



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